The ALS United Walk is only made possible by the passion and dedication of our wonderful volunteers. There are many ways ALS United Walk volunteers can help both on Walk Day and leading up to the Walk.

If you are interested in volunteering at a Walk this year, please complete the VOLUNTEER SURVEY! For questions, please contact our Walk Team at Events@alsmidatlantic.org.



Join a Walk Committee:
These volunteers work directly with ALS United Mid-Atlantic staff on planning for the Walk.

Corporate Support
Duties: Secures and increases corporate support for the ALS United Walk.

Volunteer Lead
Duties: Contacting local groups and clubs to recruit volunteers to help us on the day of the event.

Duties: Works with the Walk Manager to secure entertainment, including a DJ and speakers.

Food & Beverage
Duties: Works with the Walk Manager to develop a strategy for securing in-kind donations and coordinates the day-of-event food and beverage area.

Media & PR
Duties: Serves to raise awareness and promotion for the ALS United Walk within the community through grassroots and media-driven channels.

Walk Team Mentoring
Duties: Provides advice and guidance on ways to reach fundraising goals, recruiting team members, and answering questions about event details.

Volunteer on Walk Day:
Event-Day volunteers help make the ALS United Walk experience special for everyone.

Duties: Help assemble tents, tables, chairs, and signs. Assist with getting the proper material to each table and tent, as instructed by ALS United Mid-Atlantic Staff.

Duties: Assist ALS United Mid-Atlantic Staff with day-of registrations.

Duties: Hand out t-shirts to participants. A list will be provided, so volunteers can easily check off sizes and names. A member of the ALS United Mid-Atlantic Staff will be available to handle questions or concerns.

Manage Food & Beverage
Duties: Help manage the food and beverage tables. A variety of snacks, water, and soft drinks will be available for participants and volunteers. Help keep the tables organized throughout the ALS United Walk.

Duties: Pack up tables, tents, chairs, and signs. Ensure all ALS United Mid-Atlantic material is put away properly.

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