2024 ALS United Walk - Fundraising Tools

Utilize Your Participant Center

Personalize your Personal Page
Your personal page is the place to tell your story and let everyone know why you are participating in the ALS United Walk and why finding a cure for ALS is so important to you. Be sure to update your page with a photo too!

Send Emails Easily
Did you know that you can send emails right through your Participant Center? Just log in and take a look at the email section to get started. There are already some templates built out for you, all you have to do is add your contacts to spread awareness and kick start your fundraising.

Progress is Powerful
On your personal page you will be able to see all the activity from donors and all the updates that you have made. Be sure to thank those that have donated and helped you raise your bar towards your fundraising goal and our shared goal of creating a world without ALS.

Make a Self-Donation

Did you know that someone that donates to themselves is proven to have a larger impact on our fundraising events? Everyone will be able to see how committed you are to the cause. Jump startyour fundraising with a self-donation today!

Spread the Word on Social Media

Be sure to tell all your friends and colleagues that you have joined the ALS United Walk! Ask them for their support in helping you do all that you can to challenge ALS this year. Share the link to your fundraising page so everyone will be able to see the great work that you are doing. Additionally, be sure to become a fan of ALS United Mid-Atlantic on Facebook to receive helpful fundraising tips and keep up to date with all the important details. You may even get a shout out on our page for the awesome work that you are doing!

Utilize These Tools

ALS United Walk Participant Handbook
Your go-to guide for everything Walk-related. It contains interesting ideas, helpful tips, and chapter contact information.

Fundraising A to Z
Do you need fundraising ideas? Use this fundraising guide to get started!

Donor Worksheet
Print this worksheet out and keep track of your donations!

Matching Gifts
Participating in a matching gift program is a great way to maximize the impact of your donation to a charitable organization.

What is a matching gift?
Many companies will match the charitable gift made to a non-profit organization by an employee, often dollar for dollar, thereby doubling the amount of money the organization will receive.

See if your company has a matching gift policy.

What steps should I take to make a matching gift?
There are a few easy steps to take:

  • Check with your human resources or payroll department to see if your company sponsors a matching gift program.
  • Make a gift online or by mail.
  • Fill out the donor portion of the matching gift form you can obtain from your company.
  • Mail the form

If you have any questions, email us!